Import/Export licence

Import/Export licence

  • R 4,500.00

Below are the documents needed for the importexport license.

These licenses are lifetime, so there’s no yearly renewals or annual fees.


Please scan and email me the following;

  •  ID of either all Directors/ Members/ Trustees (certified not older than 3 months)
  • Complete the attached affidavit for proof of business address and telephone number (have this certified)
  • Director/ member/ Trustee signing the forms need to complete the attached affidavit in their personal name confirming their home address and telephone (have this certified)
  • Letter from the bank confirming the company bank details and confirming the date the account was opened, this information has to be on the letter (stamped by the bank not older than 3 months)
  • Any SARS letter showing the business name and income tax number/ vat number
  • Registration certificate of business or proof of CIPRO/CIPC registration
  • All Director/ Member/ Trustees to sign the attached Resolution letter
  • Confirmation of payment

* Note: 2 separate affidavits are required; one for the business and one for the signatory director.

* Note: if you have any previous registrations with customs it’s important to let us know.